Car Fix Tycoon Mod Apk v1.8.8 Free (Unlimited Money/Tagline)

Welcome to Idle Car Fix Tycoon Mod Apk, in which you'll be running a car repair business from the scratch.
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Weplay Studio
Jan 8, 2023
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Not just entertainment, simulation games have proved to be useful in building concentration, focus and strategical skills. Because of the close association to the real life, this particular gaming segment is gaining popularity and has been generating good revenue. It is estimated by 2022, this segment will generate about $18.86bn. One of the games from this segment is brought to your focus, which is Car Fix Tycoon Mod Apk.

Car Fix Tycoon Mod Apk Download

This game has about five million downloads already. Here you will be required to handle a car repairing and servicing shop. This is no different from a shop in reality, you fix the cars and you earn money, as simple as that. You get the opportunity of managing your own business, even if it is online.

Car Fix Tycoon Mod Apk

Apk NameCar Fix Tycoon
Developer Weplay Studio
Size 47Mb
Mod Features Unlimited Money/Tagline
Android Requirement 4,4
Last Updated Jan 8, 2023

Car Fix Tycoon Gameplay

Imagine you are thinking of starting a business, and you are already interested in cars. You will be naturally inclined towards doing something that is related to cars. Therefore, you decide to open a shop for car fixing and servicing.

What will you expect from this business? I think the answer is simple money and recognition, money to meet ends and recognition so you can expand on the existing business. That is what Car Fix Tycoon expects from you. Here you will have different tasks and challenges and you will get rewards once you complete these. You will also be able to recruit some good talent to make your business successful. It will be good to have good employees if you want to retain a good position in the market.

Car Fix Tycoon Mod Apk gameplay

How to download Car Fix Tycoon Mod?

To download the latest version of the game, please click on the link provided below:

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Car Fix Tycoon Apk Features

To gain a full-fledged experience of owning and running a car-servicing venture, this game will be a good start. To know in detail about Car Fix Tycoon its features play a great role. Even though there are numerous features but we will here discuss only the main features of the game, let us begin:

Set up your shop:

As discussed earlier, the main idea behind this game is setting your own shop. The shop includes services like washing, repairing, maintenance, upgrading parts and much more. Just like in real life, you will have to focus on the location and interior of the shop as they both play a crucial role in attracting customers.

Recruiting Brilliant Technicians:

It is obvious for a successful business to attract strong and talented resources, for every individual adds value to the work. And in this case, skilled workers play a crucial role. That is the reason you have the opportunity to hire good employees.

Set the right prices:

Another important thing in a business is to set the right prices for everything. If you set prices too high, you will lose the customers, if you set prices too low, you will not be able to run a business efficiently. You will have to consider everything in detail while playing this game also.

Car Fix Tycoon Mod Apk Features

Mod Features

There are further added features for this modified version, let us go through those one by one below:

No ad:

We all know any interruption in the game causes irritation. No one wants any disturbances in between the games. Now you can enjoy the game without ads.

VIP Staff:

Normally you will have to pay for VIP staff members, but here in this modified version, you are not required to pay a single penny for VIP staff.

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Final Verdict

Now that you have gone through every aspect of the game thoroughly, you have a clear idea as to why this game is gaining popularity. It will not be wrong to say that this game teaches all the basics and fundamentals one must learn if they are willing to indulge in this kind of business.

This article entails everything you need to know about Car Fix Tycoon. If you are interested in simulation business games, this will be a good option for you. It will keep you engaged for a long time, longer than you can imagine. Download this game and greet your boredom good-bye. Use the link provided above now because you do not want your customers to wait.


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