Deer Hunter 2018 Mod Apk v5.2.4 (Unlimited Gold) Free 2022

Interestingly, Deer Hunter 2018 Mod Apk will give you full FPS hunting gameplay. Players will have to visit various locations.
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Dec 24, 2022
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Interestingly, Deer Hunter 2018 Mod Apk will give you full FPS hunting gameplay. Players will have to visit various locations. These locations will surely have some other animal species but your main task will be to hunt down the deer. A lot of deer species can be seen in the game. The game itself contains a lot of other adventures too.

Deer Hunter 2018 Mod Apk Download

In addition, deer hunting was a hobby for most people. They usually spend their time hunting many animals. But due to their busy routine, they are not able to pursue their interesting hobby. So the developers decided to give people an online experience of hunting. All people who are not aware of hunting can enjoy it too. 50,000,000 plus people had downloaded the game.

Deer Hunter 2018 Mod Apk

Apk Name Deer Hunter 2018
Package com.glu.deerhunt16&hl=en&gl=US
Developer Glu
Size 88Mb
Version 5.2.4
Category Action
Mod Features Unlimited Gold
Android Requirement 4.1
Last Updated Dec 24, 2022

Deer Hunter 2018 Storyline

Deer Hunter 2018 APK is the next series of deer hunter 2014. This game has a lot of new adventures added to it. You will not only get the chance to kill the deer but you can also go underwater and do hunting there. Point out your target and peak them to make a perfect shoot on the first try. Try to not move your scoop while shooting the animals or predators.

Additionally, you can also various locations in the game. You can get a lot more experience in hunting through the game. Most interestingly, you will also get some seasonal missions that will lead you on the way to earning various rewards. Become a strong hunter.

Deer Hunter 2018 Mod Apk Gameplay

Deer Hunter 2018 Apk Features

The standard features of the game are written below

Hunt Animals

As you can assume by the title of the game, this game is basically about deer hunting. You will have to hunt down deer. But an interesting thing that I am going to add is that you can also hunt down some underwater animals and predators. Hunt down as many as you see to earn the title of the strongest and bravest hunter of the game.

Visit Various Locations

You will get the chance to visit almost all the hunting spots of the world by playing the game. The game will have a lot of exciting locations that you will surely desire to visit. These locations will have some different animals from one another or maybe you can also find some similar ones. But the gameplay and its features are just perfectly splendid.

Pro Shooting

The shooting is really simple and any player can master it perfectly. It might take some of your time to get pro at shooting. But once you become a pro, you can hunt and kill any animal of your desire within no time. Try to shoot into the right position and angle. Aim and shoot!

If you like shooting games, you should check out Guns of Boom Mod Apk or you can download MilkChoco Mod Apk.

Season Events

There are surely a lot of seasons available in the game. Seasons make games more exciting. Seasons will last for almost three weeks. Try to complete all hunter seasonal missions and try to cover all season events. Show your hunting skills.

Game Modes

There will be a few modes available for all the players to enjoy the game. You can hunt down some underwater animals. Go on hunting with your friends. Be aware of the coming events. Participate in them and show your incredible skills of yours. Have fun while hunting!

Hunt Predators

Sadly, there will be some predators also available in the game. Hunt them down before they hunt you. They will be always in the chance to attack you. Don’t give them that chance. Try to point them out and kill them before they kill you.

Deer Hunter 2018 Mod Apk Features

Hunting Trophies

There will be several leaderboards also in the game. Try to reach and stay at the top of these leaderboards to earn some hunting trophies. Collect these trophies as they are a sign of a great hunter. Achieve as many titles and trophies as you can.

Deer Hunter 2018 Mod Features

All modified features of the game are written below

Subscriptions Free

The game that you get from the play store will have some subscriptions. These subscriptions are categorized into two types SILVER and GOLD. The silver subscription will cost you around $0.99 per week and $1.99 per week. But the gold subscription will cost you around $1.99 weekly to 44.99 per month. Get a subscription-free Mod game.

Infinite Money

The money in the game will be of great help. You can get a lot of stuff and jobs done in the game with the help of money. Download the Mod Deer Hunter 2018 APK and get the option of infinite money. This option is only for mod downloaders.

Free Weapons and Other Equipment

Weapons are mandatory to hunt down animals. The weapons will also need some gear like scoops or magazines etc. You can upgrade your weapons to make them strong on unlocked all gears and equipment for free. Just make sure you have the mod game. Otherwise, you are not able to enjoy all such mod features for free.

Deer Hunting 2018 Mod


Lastly, I assume that this game is so much fun and full of adventure. The previous games or other such hunting games will give you access to some limited yet boring modes. The locations are also minimal. But Deer Hunting 2018 APK Mod will give you access to a lot of locations and modes that will be full of adventures.

In addition, the mod game will also save you from making heavy purchases in the game. The silver and gold subscriptions will be free for all mod downloaders. Download Mod Deer Hunting 2018 APK. Install the Mod Deer Hunting 2018.

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How can I have free list of rewards?

You can get them by completing some missions, sometime you can get them by pressing a button on the upper right corner then you have to tap on the free gold tap.

What is he working of some events?

You have to encounter some animals. At some points user can buy some points to have access. By this you can have a list of equipment and weapons.

How can you see the guns?

You will be able to see weapon store. Only you have to press the button “switch weapon button”. This will allow you to have a different variety of weapons.

How I can get heart or lung shot?

You can sue infrared rays to get proper point of lung and heart then you can shot the targeted area. Moreover user can hit the brain and some other sensitive organs too.


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