Game of Khans Mod Apk v2.0.21.10201 (Unlimited Money) 2022

If you want, you can honor your wishes now by playing Game of Khans Mod Apk. Download now to enjoy the game!
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Clicktouch Co. Ltd.
Dec 22, 2022
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What's new

1. Legion System Launched
Your Legion; Your Glory.
Set up a Legion with Khans on the same Battle Zone for hegemony and glory!

Kill the Serpent Co-op
Beast Hill is regularly available each week. Kill the Serpent to earn Credit and Honor in exchange for rare items.

Multiple Gameplay & Awesome Rewards
Claim Weekly Quests, Legion Bonuses, and Legion Title Rewards. And Legion Construction guarantees bargains in the Legion Store.

2. Optimized some system features.

3. Fixed some bugs.


Coupled with entertainment, action games allow you to put your strategy skills to use. It is a good thing, you challenge yourself in performing better. Here, I have got one question to ask, do you wish to conquer the world? This has been a dream unfulfilled for most of us since childhood. If you want, you can honor your wishes now by playing Game of Khans Mod Apk.

Game of Khans Mod Apk Download

As a matter of fact this game is a good source of entertainment for the players. There are multiple reasons behind the success and fame of the game. Time and again, you will realize that it is worth the hype. I mean, one lac downloads and players, this has got to mean something.

Game of Khans Mod Apk Spec

Apk Name Game of Khans
Developer Clicktouch Co. Ltd.
Size 47Mb
Category Role-Playing
Mod Features Unlimited Money
Android Requirement 4.4
Last Updated Dec 22, 2022

Game of Khans Storyline

If you want to rule the kingdom, you are going to love the gameplay of Game of Khans Mod. Here your main role is to ensure to build a kingdom. This kingdom will have its ties across Europe and Asia. In order to accomplish this, you will require plenty of resources. Amongst these resources, there are three main things that include warriors, silver coins and meat.

Since you will be the ruler, you are going to conquer other villages and nearby areas. These conquests will allow you to gain all the above stated resources. The developers here have also put in consideration the love life of Khans, you could date the consorts, marry them and raise heirs with them. Moreover, you can also join quests and gain resources from there also.

Game of Khans Mod Apk gameplay

Download Game of Khans Mod?

Another key point here is to know about the downloading. One should be able to download it simply via Google Play Store. However, you can only download the basic version from there.

Should you want to download the modified version, you can easily use our website, for it provides a secure platform. But make sure to erase, delete or uninstall the older versions of the game or the basic version of Game of Khans.

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Game of Khans Apk Features

Following are the epic features of Game of Khans:

Build an Empire:

First and foremost, your main task here is to build an amazing empire. Do everything you would do for an actual one. Strengthen the army, find resources for the betterment of your people. Other than all of this a good justice system is mandatory over here.

Expand the territories:

While setting your own land, you need to consider that you have to expand it as well. The more land you will have, the more resources you could gather and the more people you can rule.


Additionally, being the ruler, you will have a lot of advisers. Trust your advisers, let them devise a good strategy for attacking other lands. Your advisers will also be responsible to guide you about the imports and exports and other important stuff.

Dating Life:

Furthermore, just like the real life of a ruler, setting your dates is important. Every kingdom needs a crown prince or princess. Meet new people, date them and subsequently start your family and raise heirs for your kingdom.  

Game of Khans Mod Apk Features

Mod Features:

Lastly, find the mod features below:

Unlimited Money and Gems:

If you have noticed, in the basic version, you will have to complete certain tasks in order to earn money and gems. 

Premium Features:

Generally, most games have certain things that you need to buy in order to proceed, this is not the case here. You will have everything available free of cost.

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Sum Up

In the end, I would say that Game of Khans is an amusing game, especially those who are fascinated by the Mongols and their lifestyle. As a ruler, you need to fulfill your duties in an excellent way. Like a good ruler, you need to establish a system that does not discriminate between the rich and poor. Define a system that ensures good for the most people.

Furthermore, you also need to work hard on the development of a justice system. Once you set a hard punishment, the crime rates will automatically fall low. As mentioned earlier, you can conquer new places to gather the resources and put them to use for your people and their benefit. Download Game of Khans Now! 


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