Modern Warplanes Mod Apk v1.20.1 (Unlimited Missiles) Free 2022

✈️Modern Warplanes Mod Apk transfers you to the world of modern supersonic jet fighters of leading air forces. Join millions of aces from around the world in ultimate warfare for air domination. Dogfight aeronautics at its finest on a huge variety of aircrafts.
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Dec 22, 2022
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It is a known fact that video games are becoming popular with each passing day. People love spending their free time playing games, these games not only relax one but also challenge people in a constructive way. About 2.7 billion people used video games to entertain themselves in 2020.  Among these video games, we have Modern Warplanes Mod Apk.

Modern Warplanes Mod Apk

This game has a compelling storyline, attractive graphics, modern combat jets, helicopters, military aircraft, training exercises and much more. This is a single player game, in which you will be assigned missions, about two hundred of them and you get to fly over twenty-five of the world’s most famous places in order to finish the task.

The only thing to ask here is, would you be up for a flight and unlimited action?

Modern Warplanes Mod Apk Spec

Get ready to fight and fly high with Modern Warplanes Apk! To learn in detail about the game, see the chart below:

Apk Name Modern Warplanes
Package com.EvilChaotic.ModernWarplanes
Developer GDCompany
Size 32Mb
Mod Features Unlimited Missiles
Android Requirement4.1
Last Updated Dec 22, 2022

Download Modern Warplanes Mod

Do not waste your time in searching for ways to download Modern Warplanes Apk, we have a solution for you. Just click on the link below and you will have your favorite game with you.

Modern Warplanes Storyline

Since you already know that there will be missions awaiting you in this game. You will be the pilot who is expected to destroy the cities and planes of the opponents. In doing so, you need to use missiles, guns, and every other weapon.

Think about it like that, a war broke out, though undesirable, but a soldier has to do what he has been asked to do. In order to protect your city and follow the orders of the commander, you have to step up and enter the battlefield. Flaunt your strategizing skills and get ready to win!

Modern Warplanes Mod Apk

Exciting Features of Modern Warplanes Apk

After the compelling storyline, I am sure you would want to read about the features that Modern Warplanes have to offer you. Before you begin with the chases and attacks in the sky, see the exciting features of the game.

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Top-Notch Graphics:

It is mandatory for action games to have graphics that can make a player hook to the game. High-resolution graphics give the game a realistic feel. Not only are the graphics in this game excellent but also the 3D look of warplanes will make you fall in love with this game.

Latest Warplanes:

Are you obsessed with modern planes? Well, this game will give you some to play with. Moreover, you will get the look of an actual fight when playing with these aircrafts.

Customize Aircrafts:

Yes, you can also get a customized aircraft. Use your creative sense and enjoy building aircraft however you wish to.

Different Modes:

You have different modes available here. For single players, there is solo mode. For those who only wish to play with friends and team up against strangers, you can do that too.

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Modern Warplanes Mod Apk Features

Mod Features

Mod features are as follows:

Bug Fixes:

In Modern Warplanes Apk, you do not need to worry about bugs and glitches. You just focus on surviving and winning the battle.

Premium Features:

Unlock all the premium features for free.


You might have played many action games before, like Pubg, Fortnite etc, they are famous but none of them are like Modern Warplanes Apk. This is a different one, where you get to play as a pilot. This is an interesting action game, where you get to choose from a variety of warplanes, team up with your friends, destroy the enemy and show the exit route to your boredom.

Do you wish to say good-bye to your boredom? If you are positive about that, you should not wait but download Modern Warplanes Apk.


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